Author Topic: Sizing Problem with Opera Beta Browser [SOLVED]  (Read 6404 times)

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Re: Sizing Problem with Opera Beta Browser [SOLVED]
« Reply #30 on: November 20, 2017, 09:38:37 am »
Anyway here's the solution for when a user launches Opera browser and it doesn't want to size itself correctly.  This solution works when launching Opera in both Peppermint's Whisker Menu and Peppermint's panel.  Yes, you'll need to do this procedure two times if you want Opera to launch correctly from both places.  But, don't worry, this is easy enough to do. ;)

But first, let's give a quick shout out to PCNetSpec and VinDSL for helping us solve this pesky issue for once and for all.

Thanks guys. :)


But, again and again, I have sizing problems with Opera on my laptop, and, unfortunately, I've found Opera's forum to be deaf to the concerns of its users.

If you're talking about the startup size, here's the haxor I use on the launcher command (panel launcher shown):

I know those are odd dimensions, but it allows for 2 Opera windows positioned perfectly, side-by-side, on my 29" Dell monitor - essentially 2 x 19" screens on 1 monitor.

If you're talking about the web page sizes on various sites, you can set the zoom level ( + or - ) in the drop-down Opera Menu, and it will remember the zoom levels between sessions.


How would I get that edit launcher?  That's the tool I need to have.  PCNetSpec found the numbers I need for this last April. ;)

  • Right click the Opera icon, on the panel.
  • Left click on 'Properties'.
  • On the right-side you'll see a vertical row of icons - the bottom icon is the Opera launcher editor. 
    Maximize the editor, so you can see what you're typing.
  • Enter the dimensions you want, then click Save.
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