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How to Open the Terminal
« on: February 14, 2017, 07:52:27 pm »
Quite often in seeking support on a Linux forum you will be asked to supply system information by running commands in the terminal.  The terminal can also be used to call up programs, run updates & upgrades, troubleshoot your system and a host of other functions (see THIS for a few basic commands).  But in order to use the terminal you have to know how to call it up and many people new to Linux will not always know how to do that.  The following tutorial is designed to show new users how to accomplish this task.

The default terminal emulator in PeppermintOS 7 is Sakura.  You can call it up in a variety of ways. 

1) The simplest way is to click on the terminal icon in your panel.

2) Another method is to use the Ctrl, Alt and t keys combination.  Press Ctrl + Alt + t simultaneously and the terminal will appear. 

3) Using Alt + f2 and entering sakura will also call up the terminal.

4) You can also bring up the terminal by navigating menu > Accessories > Terminal

The terminal will open with a command prompt.  For example: mac@laptop ~ $ _.  Simply enter your command behind the prompt.  For example: mac@laptop ~ $ inxi -F.  Then press your enter key to run the command.  Results can be copied and then pasted in the forum. 
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