Author Topic: Welcome to GNU/Linux Discussion! Please read.  (Read 13816 times)

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Welcome to GNU/Linux Discussion! Please read.
« on: March 12, 2014, 09:59:32 am »
Welcome to the GNU/Linux Discussion board here in the Peppermint OS Community. This board is for the discussion of all things GNU/Linux and we welcome the discussion of other FOSS operating systems as well. In addition to Peppermint discussion, feel free to talk about other distributions or desktop environments and don't be afraid to make comparisons and draw conclusions. We do ask that you keep it civil. Not everyone will draw the same conclusions that you do and a different opinion is not a wrong opinion.

Please refer to the Code of Conduct here:

It may be necessary to "agree to disagree" from time to time, but it's our hope that every participant here can have good, constructive conversation. As with the General Discussion board, posts here do not count toward a user's post count total in order to encourage participation in the Resources and Support boards.

Thanks for reading.
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