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Author Topic: lubuntu switching to LxQt-impact of that on PM 8 or any future release? [Closed]  (Read 2122 times)

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I kindly request Administrator to move this discussion to "GNU/Linux Board" if it is relevant there.
I think I did the mistake of posting this discussion in "General Discussion Board".

Did I get it? or you will still not help me in that board also? Let me know, I will not disturb you.

harish p

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Hi harishpathangay,

You must understand that the Peppermint Team has only a small group of volunteers and also a quite small Peppermint repository. The vast majority of the other packages that you see in the repository are not there as a result of the Peppermint Team. These are all (as I understand it) in the Ubuntu repositories that the Peppermint Team has linked into the apt package system included in the standard Peppermint installation.

If you wish to have something that is not in the repositories added to them, then you could perhaps contact the developers of the package(s), or place a request with the Ubuntu people that they add the package to the repos.

Other than that: Google or DuckDuckGo should be used to search for Debian packages for the program you are interested in having. Your final option (as I see it) is the one that you have excluded: compile the source code yourself (I personally do not do this, but any people do).


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Hi harishpathangay, it's not that we don't want to help you with issues concerning qt.  It's because it's not used in the default Peppermint builds.  We have next to zero experience with qtPeppermint only officially supports one desktop environment, that being the Hybrid Peppermint Desktop Environment.  If we provided an official Peppermint LXqt ISO, we would naturally support it.  The fact of the matter is, we don't offer that as an option.  If a user chooses to use or experiment with other desktops, that's up to them.  We'll endeavour to help if we are able.  However, we can't make any guarantees and as any assistance is unofficial.  As such, we won't take any responsibility if it all goes wrong.  We obviously prefer this not to occur.  It's therefore highly likely, we'll decline to provide assistance to most of the queries that fall into this category.  Any unofficial help is more than likely to come from another member who has experience with that particular DE or package.  For this to happen, there must first be a forum member with the relevant experience.  Again we must emphasise that any such assistance is unofficial  ;).

If you have an issue with packages that are pretty much universally accepted across all distro.  A good example of this is the metapackage containing LibreOffice, GIMP and Scribus.  You'll have noticed these packages are not included in the installation ISO.  Instead we've made them available to users as part of the Peppermint Office Pack in the Software Manager.  Naturally, we'll do what we can to support their functionality within the Peppermint framework. 

Anything that isn't directly used or associated with the default Peppermint build, we can't provide official support.  We welcome the results of any independent research and experimentation.  If people want to use Peppermint as a base for their experimentations, that's up to them.  We won't ever do anything to hinder them.  It's up to them to do their own research and find solutions to any issues they may encounter.   I hope this explains the function of the Peppermint Forum and the responsibilities of Team Peppermint  ;).
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 thanks to all.

thanks again,
harish pathangay


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I kindly and politely request Administrator of forum to move this topic to "GNU/Linux"  Board/Discussion as it is where it belongs.

harish pathangay