Author Topic: 2012 HP Pavilion g6; should it feel this slow already? [SOLVED via SSD ;~) ]  (Read 8617 times)


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Hi spence,

Probably a User Agent Switcher extension/add-on could help you with your password reset?
Available for Google Chrome/Chromium and family or for Firefox.

Greets!  ;)
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So you can't reset your password on their site unless you use a dead browser :-\

pretty much... they reset it for you giving you an aaannn password... which matches none of their posted password criteria... which you pretty well hafta just leave there because their validator is broken... or doesn't work in mozilla & chromium... need to remember NOT to mention linux... told me they'd have to mail me something...  :o
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You can almost 'hear' their expression glaze over when you mention Linux :)

I purposely ask Linux questions of the young salesmen at PCWorld (UK PC shop) because I love that "WTF is he talking about" 1000 yard stare :)
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