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Compton Config & Short Guide
« on: October 06, 2016, 08:00:05 am »
Hi, Elemec here, and i've found that there isn't a compton config around this forum (At least not that i've found) so i decided to show my config (which is a mix of two different configs from two different forums for two different distros  ??? in a way it won't break, rather, it works nicely and blends well.)

It's not hard to do, installing compton is a matter of Synaptic "Search for compton" and then Mark for install, or sudo apt-get install compton.
Compton is now installed, you may open a terminal and type "compton" and see if it works, if nothing goes wrong, you'll have compton on, but it has no config, so it's sorta useless, for now. This was a test because some people have problems with compton even without configs.

Now, it's the fun part. Go to your home folder, and look for the .config folder. Going there, you'll make an empty archive named compton.conf and copy-paste this code :
Spoiler (click here to view / hide)

The start is a bit messy, but it's just to get you to know a bit more detailed(ly) how to do everthing there.
Kudos to VSIDO forum guys and Wattos forum guys.

As always, if you want to remove something or add to your own config, be sure to do! This is just a small guideline on how Compton can end up being like.
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