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Author Topic: How To Post an Image on the Forum - Imgur  (Read 6221 times)

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How To Post an Image on the Forum - Imgur
« on: August 02, 2016, 02:49:33 pm »
How To Post an Image on the Forum: Imgur

Since some people are having difficulties posting images on this forum I decided to make a step by step tutorial. I'm using Imgur to host the images because there's no need to make an account and their service is stable. There are others and they should work likewise...

How to upload an image and get the right code/link to post:

Browse to Imgur
Code: [Select]

  1 :  Click on New post

  2 :  Choose browse and a File Upload window will appear

  3 :  Navigate to the image you want to upload and select it
  4 :  Click Open to start the upload process

  5 :  Wait until the image is fully uploaded

  6 :  Place your cursor on the image so the extra options appear, click on the arrow
  7 :  Choose Get share links

  8 :  Click the Copy button next to BBCode (Forums)
You now have the right code/link to post on this forum!

How to check the code/link and post it on the forum:

  9 :  Paste the code/link in the post editor
10 :  Click the Preview button to check if everything is as desired

11 :  A preview of your post will appear, this can take some time
You can repeat the process until you're satisfied with the result!

12 :  Hit the Post button when everything looks the way you meant it to be
Your message + image will be posted on the forum!

I used Peppermint 7 and Firefox for this tutorial, it's obvious that this should work likewise on any other OS and browser.

Enjoy your Peppermint!  8)
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