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Author Topic: How To Install and Use OpenVPN - VPNBook  (Read 6642 times)

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Re: How To Install and Use OpenVPN - VPNBook
« Reply #15 on: August 13, 2016, 09:24:49 am »
Thanks for the comments Kyle. I suppose you are still susceptible to the VPS company/host revealing your info with a court order etc... if they get the IP etc? Or is it easy to set it up to be totally anonymous like a VPN service that does not keep logs?
I was looking at airvpn they seem to be good all round from the reviews. No logging is a biggie. Then making sure there are no DNS leaks via the UFW (firewall). Setting it all up manually without a VPN service is a bit daunting to noobies. At least for the moment anyway.

If you are looking to evade copyright infringement notices, going with a VPS in a country that does not have laws like the DMCA would be a must. Most of the countries in the EU are like this, with the exception of Germany (which have very tight Internet laws), also be sure to avoid UK and any other countries that have bad Internet laws. I know for a fact that OVH isn't very bothered by it's customers using their services for torrenting as many seedbox companies use OVH. There is a couple setup scripts to do this, but the one I would recommend would be from Angristan on Github. It doesn't require any  knowledge to set up, and it is very secure. It offers two settings, one with lower encryption and one with higher encryption. Usually the difference between the lower encryption setting and the higher encryption setting isn't huge, in fact, I don't notice any difference (or if there is one, it is negligible). But, if you want to go with a commercial VPN provider, be very careful because a lot of "no logs" VPN providers actually do log and they will hand over your info if needed (it is to be expected for a ~$10/mo service). This has happened a lot, even with reputable companies like HideMyA**... Also, be wary of VPN review sites because the majority of them are just SEO and they give most of the VPN services they review a good review because people sign-up through their affiliate link.
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Re: How To Install and Use OpenVPN - VPNBook
« Reply #16 on: August 13, 2016, 08:34:38 pm »
From what I've heard and read about VPN service providers, it's best to find a service provider that doesn't keep log files.  Evidently, even some 'anonymous' VPS service providers (so called) maintain their own logs.

Maybe this might be helpful:


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Re: How To Install and Use OpenVPN - VPNBook
« Reply #17 on: August 23, 2016, 04:16:55 pm »
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