Author Topic: Locating local media off-line with LibreOffice  (Read 2253 times)

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Re: Locating local media off-line with LibreOffice
« Reply #15 on: August 07, 2016, 08:46:43 am »
Just in case you're still interested, here's the tutorial for swapping nemo for pcmanfm,4063.0.html
Thanks for the note.
I hadn't deleted nemo, luckily, or I would have had a cruel surprise, apparently.
My impression was that PCManFM was a more complex device than nemo, apparently not?
Anyway, I just am more familiar with some utilities than others.

FYI, on another matter, I am researching the snap topic and will start another thread
on that when I have something coherent to offer.

Best Regards.

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Re: Locating local media off-line with LibreOffice
« Reply #16 on: August 07, 2016, 04:21:55 pm »
No PCManFM is a quite basic file manager by comparison to Nemo (which is a fork of Nautilus the way it was before Gnome went all stupid and dumbed down Nautilus by removing features) .. it's why we changed from LXDE's PCManFM to Nemo in the first place ;)

It turns out even with its feature richness (and plugin availability, and action scripts) Nemo wasn't any more resource heavy than PCManFM as long as you didn't also pull in all the other Cinnamon back end stuff .. the only down side was the loss of being offered the "automount" dialog (which I find annoying anyway), and automounting of USB devices could always be added with the usbmount package if required so I didn't consider it a major loss, certainly when weighed against the gains.
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