Author Topic: burn to cd-r no larger than 700mb  (Read 1061 times)

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burn to cd-r no larger than 700mb
« on: June 26, 2016, 08:21:05 am »
I have an old computer that had WinXP. It only has a CD reader. I burned Peppermint 5 to a CD because it was a small file. It is great. But now I want to upgrade to Peppermint 7. I downloaded it but it is a larger file 1.1 GB. It will not fit on a cd r 700mb.

any suggestions as to how to upgrade?

Thanks for your assistance.


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Re: burn to cd-r no larger than 700mb
« Reply #1 on: June 26, 2016, 08:46:11 am »
Unfortunately, due to the size of the files, there was no way for PCNetSpec to make an image under 700MB even with just the bare essentials installed.

Do you have a flash drive, or can you acquire one?  Your local Walmart or similar store will have 2GB and 4GB ones for not a lot of money.  (cheaper than a DVD-RW drive)

If you can pick up one of those, you can plug it into a USB port, burn the image to it and then boot from it and install the system. 

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Re: burn to cd-r no larger than 700mb
« Reply #2 on: June 26, 2016, 09:33:14 am »
Is it a CD player only, or does it read DVD's ?
(most XP systems would have had DVD drives)
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