Author Topic: PM7 or Ubuntu 16.04 LTS Improvemts for Hybrid Laptop and Atom Motherboard  (Read 1395 times)

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I came to know PM 7 is based on 16.04 LTS. I want to know there is any improvements and inbuilt support for given question.

1.    Is this version inbuilt support for Hybrid Laptop (2-In-1 Laptop) which works like Laptop and Tab or Touch Screen Laptop and touch screen keypad app etc?
2.   What about the Atom and ARM motherboard support improvements?   

I request you please share information and your experience in this regards.


Rajeev Gautam

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I know it will be based on 16.04 LTS.
I don't know about touch screen support.
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Correct me if I am wrong but isn't "newer" hardware support usually covered by kernel improvements ?  So depending on what kernel comes with 16.04 (I am sure you can google it) will depend on whether your specific equipment will work correctly.

Hopefully one of our Techs can advise further  ;D
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Probably it will be based on 16.04 LTS. Probably a lightweight distro and innovative with 32 and 64 bits versions. Probably will come with touch screen support and probably will come after Linux Mint 18, with a new mint software manager and mint update.
But, I don't no. Probably i'm wrong.