Author Topic: vlc [not xbindkeys] and keyboard rollover  (Read 1101 times)

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vlc [not xbindkeys] and keyboard rollover
« on: March 31, 2016, 04:12:18 pm »
I've recently overcome my reliance on running Windows software on Peppermint via WINE.  :D

I was using a transcription program and MS Word 97. Now I've switched to VLC to play the audio/video files and Open Office Writer to type them into. I had to write a fancy little script that takes a screenshot (using maim) of the bottom left corner where VLC displays the current time, OCRs it in Tesseract, then passes the time to the clipboard (xclip). I made an Open Office macro to convert the timecode into the right format and paste it into my doc with a hotkey.

Anyway, I've noticed that, doing all this natively in Peppermint now, the keyboard behaves a little differently than it did under WINE. I use F-keys to control VLC (play, pause, rewind/forward). I'd got into the habit of continuing to type while I did this, so MS Word could still pick up what I was typing as I was simultaneously fiddling with F4 or F7, for instance.

The F-keys for this are mapped in vlcrc. Doing it this way, when an F-key is held down no other typed input is making it through to the word processor. It's not a major problem and I could just learn to be more patient/precise in my typing. But can anyone think of a possible fix for this?

edited: I wrongly blamed xbindkeys for this but it's only handling my script hotkey, not the vlc controls.
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