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Author Topic: Peppermint 6 installation [Solved]  (Read 1859 times)

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Peppermint 6 installation [Solved]
« on: April 02, 2016, 11:18:26 pm »
I found this tutorial outdated:,2118.0.html
Things to do after install Peppermint 6?

My experience: USB creator doesn't work. Unetbootin works.
Enabling the extra software repositories: Peppermint software have 4 boxes not 5.
I deselect enable screen compositor.
I see screen tearing with Xfwm4, especially when i watch movies.
I read in Ptjor guide from linux mint: (this distro have Kde, Xfce, Mate, Lxde. (Is good these things all-in-one?)

My question: Things to do after install Peppermint 6 for beginners and for a stable os without problems?
Sorry my errors. I learn english everyday in Duolingo but it's hard to write.
Other suggestion: in General category create a subcategory like foreign users for users who want ask in own languages.


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Re: Peppermint 6 installation
« Reply #1 on: April 03, 2016, 02:55:46 am »
Hi Alex,

Don't worry about your English. We will ask if we don't understand what you mean. Many of our users are not native English speakers.

Normally, the following is the first thing to do after installing Peppermint Six (or any distro for that matter): update and upgrade everything.

To do this just open a terminal window by pressing the following three keys together: <Ctrl><Alt><t> (if you have a non-english keyboard, you might not have keys named Ctrl and Alt. If this is the case, ask here for help). A terminal window should now open for you to enter commands into. Enter the following commands into the terminal window.

Note:  Linux is case sensitive.  To reduce the possibility of typing errors, please click on Code: [Select] above each of the following commands to highlight the command. Then click on the middle mouse button/wheel while the cursor is in the terminal window to paste the contents into the window.

Note: For enhanced security, passwords are entered invisibly.  There is NO indication of any user input.  You may enter an incorrect password 3 times before you have to repeat the action you are trying to execute.

So here are the commands:

Code: [Select]
apt update && apt upgrade
Now press the Enter key and then enter your user password when asked.  Press the Enter key again and follow the on screen instructions.  Wait until everything has finished in the terminal window before continuing. After that has completed, continue with this command:

Code: [Select]
apt dist-upgrade
Press the Enter key and enter your user password if asked.  Follow the on screen instructions.

After the upgrade has completed, reboot your machine because there may have been kernel upgrades and these will not begin to be used until you have rebooted. Most (and probably all) other upgraded/updated software is available immediately for you to use and a reboot for them is not required.

(Editorial note: thanks to AndyInMokum for the above instructions which I have shamelessly copied here for you from his tutorial. All new users should also browse through the forum section named User Submitted Tutorials !!  ;) )

Normally, your installation should now function flawlessly and run without problems. If you do have problems, ask here on the forum. For further information also consult the users guide which has much good information for new users.


-- Slim

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Re: Peppermint 6 installation
« Reply #2 on: April 03, 2016, 04:26:40 am »

I read in Ptjor guide from linux mint: (this distro have Kde, Xfce, Mate, Lxde. (Is good these things all-in-one?)

I am very confident the Developers of Peppermint know what they are doing...  I am also pretty sure there is NO KDE in Peppermint. Try not to worry too much what other people say - who have probably never even installed Peppermint.  I too used to look for  "The 10 best things to do after installing {insert Distro name here} and it is a great way to learn what "Other" people do.   But they are only telling you what is right for "Them" and it may not be right for you.

as Slim.Fatz said
If you do have problems, ask here on the forum.
it really is the best possible advise.

Finally - If you haven't worked it our yet Peppermint has, WITHOUT EXCEPTION, the best user Forum there is for help and guidance
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Re: Peppermint 6 installation
« Reply #3 on: April 03, 2016, 10:42:18 am »
Team Peppermint is only a handful of people.  Aside from putting together the OS and making the documentation that exists, they also continue to work on development of not only the current and next version of Peppermint, but also on the Ice software, as well as being active here on the forums helping people out. (Plus, you know, working day jobs) Making additional "How To" guides, while not a bad idea, would add a lot more work to their already full plates.  The existing documentation is designed to get a new user started, with this forum intended to be the tool for advanced help.  And, having visited other Linux forums, I have to say this is one of the best around.  (the best, in my humble opinion)

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Re: Peppermint 6 installation
« Reply #4 on: April 03, 2016, 11:15:49 am »
Okay here goes...

Things to do after installing Peppermint

1) Modify it however YOU want

2) Enjoy it

Seriously, if there was anything Team Peppermint thought needed doing post installation, and it applied to everyone .. it would have been included by default (where legally possible).

Any post installation additions/changes/removals are a matter of personal taste/requirements or specific hardware .. we'll help on the forum with hardware specific issues but we couldn't possibly document all possible hardware scenarios, we're not in the business of telling you what your personal tastes should be, nor do we know your specific requirements .. a certain amount of this is up to you I'm afraid ;)

Conclusion: I use this distro for general purposes but maybe in the future i will use in university or for run a business. Things should be functional and ready to use.

What do you consider non functional or not ready for use ? .. we're always after feedback for improvement, as long as it:-

a) Is legal
b) Applies to everyone
c) Fits the Peppermint 'ethos'
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Re: Peppermint 6 installation
« Reply #5 on: April 03, 2016, 01:17:07 pm »