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Author Topic: Why Screen Space is less in LXDE than Peppermint? How to improve it? [Closed]  (Read 2534 times)

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Hi Harish,

Your question's been pretty well answered already but think about the example you give for a moment. The term "HD" is used, on its own or in various permutations, to describe a wide variety of screen resolutions. It's not as standardised as you make out.

If you read the answers that have been given you might not need to keep asking essentially the same question again.

Edit: it wasn't obvious this thread had been closed when I replied to it. No offence intended.
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Re: Why Screen Space is less in LXDE than Peppermint? How to improve it?
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First let me repeat, i am not a linux person.

If i see i can place 9 icons one below other than 6 icons one below other, then i tend to think i lost screen space or resolution or some kind of Graphic Ability.
My interpretations will be very lay man, what i see in screen i believe. I do not know technical of linux.
Having said that i will give you a comparison.
If i have a Samsung Monitor capable of displaying HD movies, then i go buy a Movie DVD from Sony. I play it, it works fine in my Desktop.
I put my DVD into my Laptop, this can also play HD movies, so is it not reasonable to expect same kind of graphic scale when the movie plays in a Desktop and Laptop considering both Laptop and Desktop have same inch monitors and resolution. Sony HD movie experience should not change between devices capable of playing HD movies.

My Original Question is How come these are different, if they are using same GTK, same OS, same Graphic Drivers,same Monitors, same screen resolutions yet they behave differently in terms of Screen Geometry. That is why i was confused.

I am again telling you my interpretations will be very layman. Sorry for repeatedly saying this.
I feel Linux is about both Choice and Standards.

Harish Pathangay

You see to think screen "resolution" has something to do with "icon spacing" .. it does NOT ;)

I can have a system with pcmanfm controlling the desktop, and another with nemo controlling the desktop .. BOTH can have the same resolution (say 1376x768), so both would be capable of showing a movie at the same "resolution" .. but they may have different default SPACING between icons on the desktop, in the same way that they could have a different font for icon names.

There's NO lost desktop "space" as they both have 1376x768 pixels .. it's simply the spacing between the displayed icons .. heck with nemo controlling the desktop you can move the icons further apart if you wish (to mimic the LXDE default spacing), that doesn't change the screen resolution, just the spacing between the icons.

Screen "resolution" and "desktop icon spacing" are NOT the same thing ;)
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