Author Topic: US news Millennials: the trials of Generation Y  (Read 3412 times)

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Re: US news Millennials: the trials of Generation Y
« Reply #15 on: March 19, 2016, 05:40:34 pm »
It is my understanding that there are more cameras in London than in any other city in the world.  And, I suspect that this is true for other cities in the UK too, even if only to a lesser degree.  I hear that our British friends are experiencing surveillance like few other populations on the planet are experiencing --facial recognition, you name it.  It seems that just about everything we do, or do not do these days, flags us in one way other.  Participate with online media, and you're certain to flagged for something.  Don't participate, and then you're not fitting the profile of normalcy either.  This is one thing in modern life that we can't seem duck, dodge, or avoid. (Remember even our mail is scanned and logged in the US.)

At my wife's job, scifidude79, she has to have Internet access in order to regularly check her her ever changing schedule, and also to review her paychecks.  There is no way around this.  I had never thought I'd see the day where one would have to have private online access to the Internet in order to have a job in the US.  But I see it now because I know my wife has to have Internet access in order for her to have her job.  And, I suspect that this is becoming the norm for millions of Americans elsewhere too.

One of the most disturbing trends I'm seeing these days is the extra-special attention that is now being given to international conversations, by ordinary citizens, via email, Skype, chatting on Facebook, or the like.  I abhor this development in surveillance.  With just my participation in Peppermint forum, I have discovered  how much we all share in common here.  This type of exchange is certainly being discouraged on this side of the Big Pond.  Fortunately, I think it's too late for such discouragement now.  Fortunately, the cat is already out of the bag on this one.  :) 

I know that I cannot return to the narrow minded provincial thinking of yesteryear.  I don't mind getting the bad guys --the terrorists, domestic and international wrongdoers, or those who prey upon children and the elderly.  In fact, I encourage the lawful surveillance, and arrest, of such individuals, groups, and predators.  But I would like to have these conversations, such as ours here within Peppermint forum, encouraged and promoted instead of discouraged because of our discomfort of knowing that all public online discourse is being monitored and under constant surveillance.  What we're having here is a conversation amongst friends.  Do we really need to be monitored, surveilled, and flagged for this?  I really don't think so.

[T]here are a lot of people happily running Peppermint ICE which hasn't been receiving ANY updates for a while now .. and I personally would STILL consider that MUCH more secure than any version of Windows with up-to-date AV/Anti-malware ;)

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