Author Topic: Windows 10 Accurate Linux Theme Released for Almost All Major Desktops  (Read 9662 times)

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Re: Windows 10 Accurate Linux Theme Released for Almost All Major Desktops
« Reply #45 on: December 06, 2015, 07:02:03 am »
Windows 10 is doing them no favours either .. I have 2 brand new HP laptops (but this problem is NOT limited to HP laptops), both need the Synaptics touchpad driver updating with one from Synaptics themselves, but Win10 won't let you ::)

The touchpad drivers that come with Windows 10 are broken, they loose any custom settings every time you reboot .. so you install the ones from Synaptic right ? .. yeah that works for a few days, then Windows 10 downgrades them back to the ones Microsoft are pushing (in an attempt to unify drivers for all Win10 users).

So you hunt the interweb and discover there's a (well hidden) way to disable "driver" updates ... great right ? .. wrong .. so after disabling automatic driver updates you reload the working touchpad driver from Synaptic only to (a few days later) discover Win10 completely ignores that setting and downgrades the touchpad driver back to the broken one anyway >:(

BTW, you'll REALLY want to change the default settings because scrolling is upside down, and there's no single finger scrolling (amongst other stupid default settings).

It's not as though Microsoft don't know about this problem (not only is it all over the web and HP, and Lenovo, etc. forums, but it's all over their own forums) .. it's just that they're doing nothing about it
(don't believe me .. google windows 10 synaptics)

Recently I've discovered 2 registry edits to fix the 2 problems with the drivers that come with Win10...

the first instructs the touchpad driver NOT to reset the driver to defaults every time it's reinstalled .. which must mean the default Win10 driver is thinking it's being reinstalled every boot
That fixes the touchpad settings being returned to defaults every boot, but it does NOT stop the tick being removed from "Disable internal pointing device when a USB mouse is attached" every boot .. that needs a second edit to the registry.

Microsoft .. do you think Joe Average is going to be able work this out ?


I know I've mentioned this before, but it'd been driving me nuts.....
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Re: Windows 10 Accurate Linux Theme Released for Almost All Major Desktops
« Reply #46 on: December 06, 2015, 08:54:44 am »
No, it's probably way worse than MS thinking Joe Average can figure this out.  Remember, MS thinks their entire user base is a bunch of computer illiterate morons who can't work things out.  That's why they try to have the OS do the thinking for them.  This is them actually trying to be helpful.  They'd probably rather have broken drivers in their OS than have Joe Average go through the terribly complex (extreme sarcasm) process of installing drivers.  They probably think this thing that you hate actually makes the thing easier to use.
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