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Re: Peppermint OS listed in review
« Reply #15 on: November 29, 2015, 07:20:22 am »
No, this particular person never said flat out that it's a wannabe anything.  However, he did use an example of using Peppermint to build your own Chromebook, which is what Andy didn't like.  This is due to the common thing where a lot of people do think Peppermint is a "clone" of Chrome OS and an article saying you can use Peppermint to make your own Chromebook will only reinforce that opinion.

But, yeah, these type of articles are just a "hey, check out these alternatives" kind of thing.  They spend absolutely no time with any of the operating systems and give none of them much page space.  While they do draw attention to all of the Linux operating systems listed, they do little else.  They're basically useless fluff.

But, it's always great to see Peppermint being mentioned.  It's a small OS started by and maintained by people with a passion for making a wonderful OS and wanting nothing in return other than happy users.  It doesn't have the advertisement that the bigger ones do, so it's always great to have some attention drawn this way, fluff piece or not.  At least the author included links to the home pages of all of the distros.  Not all of them do that.