Author Topic: Flash plugin Installer for Firefox.  (Read 1948 times)

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Flash plugin Installer for Firefox.
« on: July 18, 2015, 08:10:11 am »
Many of us like to use the ever faithful Firefox as our default browser.  We only use Chromium Browser or Google Chrome for our SSB usage.  After we've installed Firefox from the official repository, we run into the missing Flash plugin issue  :-\.  Resolving this is very quick and very easy  ;).  Open a terminal window with the following keystrokes: Ctrl+Alt+t or your prefered method.  Enter the following command:

Tip:  Linux is case sensitive.  To reduce the possibility of typographical errors, please click on the Code: [Select] function below to highlight the contents. Click on the centre mouse button/wheel while the mouse cursor is in the terminal window to paste the contents.

Code: [Select]
apt install flashplugin-installerHit enter and enter your user password if asked.

Note: For enhanced security, passwords are entered invisibly.  There is NO indication of any user input.  You may enter an incorrect password 3 times before you have to repeat the action you are trying to apply.

Hit enter again and follow the on screen instructions.  Close all instances of Firefox and then relaunch it.  Flash should now be working in Firefox.  I hope this helps  ;).
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