Author Topic: Installing Peppermint 5 onto existing dual boot Win7 - Peppermint 4  (Read 1477 times)

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I did the dual boot install 18 months ago for Peppermint on an existing win 7 PC and forgot what I did, but there were a good number of edits to get the grub menu to do what I wanted to do.. I also  wiped out the MBR on the disk  by mistake and had to start over with a Acer Win7 install CD to reinstall windows first. Kept me busy for a few days.  This is an Acer ZG5, by the way.

I wonder. Can I just do the Peppermint 5 install right over the existing disk partition and still have the existing dual boot mechanism stay intact?

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Re: Installing Peppermint 5 onto existing dual boot Win7 - Peppermint 4
« Reply #1 on: April 24, 2015, 02:04:05 pm »
not unless you had a separate /boot parttiion

But are you saying that Peppermint is still there .. but just that the Windows bootloader has taken over the MBR ?

If so, you can probably get away with just reinstalling GRUB (from a Peppermint LiveUSB) to the MBR and having it detect the Windows installation again.


Sorry, just spotted you're also wanting to replace Peppermint FOUR ?
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