Author Topic: LXLE Linux  (Read 3010 times)

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LXLE Linux
« on: March 23, 2015, 07:23:33 pm »
Does anyone have any experience with this distro?  It's based on Lubuntu and it reminds me of Peppermint with more Glitz!
I've tested it a bit and it seems nice although not as stable as Peppermint.  Thanks.  Jeff

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Re: LXLE Linux
« Reply #1 on: March 23, 2015, 10:45:33 pm »
Hi jlschwartz

I have LXLE running on an old Dell laptop, previously I was running Peppermint 3 which is beginning a little dated now the main reason I switched to LXLE is that they offer a non pae version which allowed me to have a more current OS running on that old laptop

I don't use the laptop much but I like it I haven't noticed any performance drop against Peppermint 3  and so far it's been very stable. it comes with a lot of preinstalled software (too much for my liking) but it's no big deal to uninstall what you don't want, it also has a great selection of wallpapers to choose from

So overall I like LXLE but one trivial thing annoys the hell out of me is I have 2 network icons on the panel it's probably a simple matter to correct that I've just never looked into it.


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Re: LXLE Linux
« Reply #2 on: March 29, 2015, 09:38:38 pm »
I had LXLE 12.04.2 installed in my sister's aspire one netbook, She absolutely loved it
she loved the fact the it was fast, compared to windows 7 stater (that thing took 80% RAM on a cold boot, while LXLE took quite around 19%) and the wallpapers are just lovely, I preferably didn't like the application launcher it came with, I prefer Synapse, but it looks hideous in Openbox, but the fact is that LXLE is quite a beautiful distro right out of the box is something I like. unfortunately the windows partition messed up the whole disk, and practically killed it, just months before Peppermint 5 came out, so I had no chance to test it just yet, it is sitting somewhere, I will change the hard drive for and ssd and install Peppermint OS 5 first thing, but I am waiting on SSDs to become a bit cheaper....

I had tested the 2 distros on my old laptop, and I got to say Peppermint feels faster, and the 2 take about the same RAM, but I like Peppermint more due to the window manager, it looks way better than openbox, and also minimalist, so I don't have to uninstall like a gazillion amount of applications........