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Author Topic: [SOLVED]Switching From English to French after install[SOLVED]  (Read 1049 times)

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Hi Guys!

A friend of mine from Haiti wants me to install Peppermint in French; I don't know if Haitian Creole French from Haiti is available. Since I don't know Haitian Creole French or normal French, I want to install Peppermint in English and after updating, then switch to French. Will this be a "smooth" change? I know we have the option to choose a different language using the "Language Support" for menus and windows.
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Re: Switching From English to French after install
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You'll also want to change the keyboard layout in the Peppermint Control Center

But to tell the truth "I just don't know" .. I only speak one language so I've never tried changing languages and wouldn't know if it had gone smoothly if I had ;)
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