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Author Topic: [NOT SOLVED] Sorry, your system lacks support for the snapshot feature [SOLVED]  (Read 1909 times)

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Hi guys! Its been awhile since I haven't posted anything. I purchased a new hard drive for my laptop so a lot of problems were resolved. However, when installing recent programs, I'm faced with "Sorry, your system lacks support for the snapshot feature" error message. The programs do complete a successful installation but the error message "bugs" me.

Some how, I think its related to the Btrfs since it stopped showing at boot. Why? NVIDIA driver installed. Still though, NVIDIA works fine. I did Google the problem and it mentions, "btrfs change after system upgrade broke apt-btrfs-snapshot". I never remember doing any system upgrades to Peppermint. Any help is appreciated and Happy Holidays to EVERYONE!!!!
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Have you tried booting an earlier kernel, and seeing if snaphots work ?

Why has this title got both (NOT SOLVED) and (SOLVED) tags in the title ?
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