Author Topic: what is the best set up procedure for twin hdd rig  (Read 1057 times)

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what is the best set up procedure for twin hdd rig
« on: December 29, 2014, 02:33:48 pm »
What is the best/optimum set up procedure for a twin hdd rig, my xmas pressie to myself (AMD Quad Core, CPU A8-series-5600K, 16Gb Ram and x2 WD black 1Tb hdd).  8)

I have had several failures, human and not me errors, which killed the Grub. Several hours of careful config work down the drain.  :-\

I would prefer to have P5 installed with lvm/encryption via the installer, thus making it the primary hdd candidate, as the manual encryption method is having issues with unsafe swap, googling produces contradictory, convoluted explanations, swapoff -a was the only tangible I grasped, but how to impliment it, not so.

The secondary hdd is for evaluation purposes (storage not an issue) and may have up to three flavours on it, at any time, with the possibility that one of them might be kept and allocated 500Gb. Plus being able to safely remove an unloved flavour without mullering the Grub again.
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