Author Topic: Welcome to the Development Resources board. Please read.  (Read 11882 times)

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Welcome to the Development Resources board. Please read.
« on: March 12, 2014, 02:16:30 pm »
Hello and welcome,

This board is for users to post or link to various tutorials, instructions, references, API documents, etc, that could be of potential use to developers. Whether it's for beginners or for veteran coders, any valid reference is good. We do ask a couple of things in order to keep things clear:

  • Please list the programming language and technology in the post title as well as what the resource is. If your reference is for a Django API, then please be sure to include both "Python" and "Django" in the title as well as what the API is for.
  • Please don't be vague with your post titles. The more specific you can be, the better. If your title is "Check out this great Java link!" then we'll delete your post. Rather go for as much relevant information as possible. For instance: "Tutorial: Beginning GUI development in Java using Swing." or "Reference: Linux command line basics for beginners."
  • Try to make sure that what you're linking is for reasonably current technology. Don't link anything for things like PHP4, Java 2, MySQL Server 5.3, etc. It shouldn't be hard to find out what versions of each language/technology are currently in widespread use.

Also, I have to include the standard disclaimer that Peppermint is not responsible for the contents of any resources posted here and that you should use them at your risk. Typically people are good and will point out issues, so if you're a little wary of a resource, then ask an experienced user to check it out for you.
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