Author Topic: An Alternative To Docky Using The 'Other' Application Launch Bar  (Read 3051 times)

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Here's a trick for newbies, as an alternative to Docky, using the 'other' Application Launch Bar.

First here's an example setup to prepare your lower panel for the Application Launch Bar in case you need some lower panel preparation instructions too:

Spoiler (click here to view / hide)

And now some instructions to create your Application Launch Bar:

1) Right click the lower panel, and then left click Add/Remove Panel Items.

2)Now left click Add, and then left click Application Launch Bar and left click Add.  A blank space will appear next to your other Application Launch Bar that brings up your Logout Peppermint 5 Session? box.

But here's the kicker, although these two items are both called an Application Launch Bar, each one has a different set of functions!  Okay?!!  And that supposed blank space to the right or your logout button is actually what we want to fill full of your favorite menu items. 

3)  Now let's move that empty blank space -- that is actually your new Application Launch Bar -- where you want it.  For fun, let move it over to the left next to your Menu button.  To do this we go back to the bottom panel, right click Add/Remove Panel Items, and then left click our new Application Launch Bar and then left click either Up or Down to move this "blank space" where you want it.  Remember we just moved this "blank space" next to our Menu button!  ;)

4) Now right click the empty blank space that you just moved to the right side of your Menu button, and now left click "Application Launch Bar" Settings.

5) Now add the items you want from the Available Applications, play with it a bit and move them where you want.

In my case, on my Panel Bar, I have my Menu button followed by a Spacer followed by my Desktop Pager followed by this Application Launch Bar that we just placed there.  And, from left to right, here's what's on my Application Launch Bar -- Terminal, Software Updater, File Manager PCManFM, Calculator, Skype, Firefox, Character Map, and Chrome.

This is an idea for those who don't want to keep system resources to a minimum.

Good luck.  I'm sure the old timers here knew all about this other Application Launch Bar, but I felt I discovered gold when I learned about it.  I hope this helps some new users here at Peppermint, or anyone using LXDE desktop environment.


But if you want to look at a beautiful desktop using Plank instead of the Application Launch Bar, look at VinDSL's former desktops with Plank and Conky.  I not able to make a desktop look like this yet, but one day I hope I'll be able to do so.

We all have our own aspirations here within Peppermint, and within Linux, and these aspirations help keep us going.  Our learning never stops!  :),1108.msg9489.html#msg9489
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