Author Topic: How to Enable Fancy Bash on your terminal(Bling Bling part2)  (Read 216 times)

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How to Enable Fancy Bash on your terminal(Bling Bling part2)
« on: October 24, 2020, 09:34:44 am »
#----------------------By Akantor---------------------------------------#

Fancy Prompts will customize the look of your terminal.
This idea was taken from MX Linux bash configuration tool, unfortunately i couldn't make the tool that lets you change everything to a simple gui work due to dependencies needed.

The good part is we only need one file to make this work.
The preview.png file that comes with this guide will let you see how your terminal will look.

NOTE: if you are using powerline code on your .bashrc this will overwrite how the terminal looks.
Also there is a help folder that you  can open the  html on your web browser to see what its possible to do.
Right now the default look is the one in preview.png provided.
Colors might be different then the ones showed

How to:
File to download:

Alternate mirrors:

Mediafire link courtesy of rayzer

STEP 1> Go to your home folder and use ctrl+h to show hidden files

STEP 2> Create a folder with the name ".fancyprompts" without quotes on your home directory.

STEP 3> Copy the file fancy-prompts.bash to that folder that we created now.

STEP 4> Make a backup of the .bashrc file and remember where you kept it.

STEP 5> Open the orginal .bashrc in your home folder  in any text editor and scroll to the end and press ENTER twice

STEP 6> Copy the content bellow and paste it and the of the .bashrc file and save it and open your terminal to see if changes were applied.


Spoiler (click here to view / hide)

How to remove Fancy Bash:

If you dont like how it looks, simply open the .bashrc file that we edited and delete content pasted before or replace the .bashrc file with the backup made previously.
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