Author Topic: Local note taking vs "The Cloud"  (Read 204 times)

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Local note taking vs "The Cloud"
« on: August 22, 2020, 11:45:31 am »
One of the reasons I love Peppermint is the flexibility to use ICE as a single site browser to integrate things like Evernote which has yet to release a Linux native client despite promising to do so in 2020.

There are some unofficial apps that sync with Evernote but I'm a bit concerned of using a third party app where their integration could fail the next time Evernote changes something with their API or whatever.

To solve this problem I Gnote which is fantastic except it doesn't accept images

I'm considering actually installing an instance of WordPress simply to use as a local note taking app which is overkill but would actually work.

Currently I'm using a Rocketbook to send transcribed images to Evernote but at some point I know I'll sour on the platform again in favor of a local solution that I can maintain myself.

Rocketbook allows for transcribed documents to be sent via an email so that opens a up a lot of possibilities for me to expand my workflow beyond proprietary apps and systems.

I wondering what you all use for your online and offline note taking and productivity?
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